Founded in 2002 by writer and director Alexis Lavillat,
N O R M AA L animation is an independant French company specialized in animation.

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The N O R M AA L way is to produce different programs to export to the 4 corners of the 5 continents.


Generally aimed at youth programming,  N O R M AA L brings animation to the general public with its N O R M AA L  O R I G I N AA L series and its adaptations of pop culture classics with N O R M AA L  C L AA S S I C.

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A team with incredibly N O R M AA L creativity and know-how. N O R M AA L creates all of its shows in its studios in Paris and Angoulême and handles sound production in its subsidiary, S T A N D AA R D. Living dangerously, 100 % HOMEMADE, that’s the N O R M AA L attitude!

While Europe and the United States are massively relocating their animation to Asia, N O R M AA L is the only producer that successfully manages to produce large volumes in-house.


15 series, nearly 1500 episodes, and as many original stories and graphics… with more than 120 hours of programming produced so far, N O R M AA L uses all of its talent to figure among the leaders in animation.


Since the early days of the 21st century, N O R M AA L has been happily producing major series that are 100% made in Paris. This marked the birth of the historic studio that today unites a team of experienced hands and new talents.

Production, administration, writing, creating, directing, artistic direction, R&D, storyboards, digital animation, 3D animation, start of production parties: that’s P AA R I S!

Paper, pens, about 40 people, plenty of computers, a terrace and a fully-equipped kitchen.

N O R M AA L animation
27 rue Froidevaux
F-75014 Paris
+33 1 43 20 03 07


Quickly running short of impetuous Parisians experienced in animating serial gags, N O R M AA L opened its S T UU D I O in Angoulême in 2008.
Initially the city of graphic novels and comics, Angoulême has asserted itself in animation over the years thanks to its world-reknowned schools and 20 years of hard work from the Pôle Image Magélis.

Directing, storyboards, design, sets, animation, colors, special effects, mid-production parties: that’s AA N G O U L E M E!

Paper, pens, about 60 people, plenty of computers, and a sunny terrace with a view of the Charente.

N O R M AA L s t uu d i o
102 rue de Bordeaux
F-16000 Angoulême
+33 1 43 20 03 07


In 2008, N O R M AA L decided to play its own score by integrating a “sound” tool so that the voices, music, sound effects and mixes would have that special tone that characterizes its programs.

Songs, music, funny actresses, dramatic actors, digital sound effects, real sound effects, editing, mixing, French versions, English versions, end of production parties: that’s also P AA R I S! (S T A N D AA R D is only 30 meters away from studio N O R M AA L)

Cables, microphones, about 20 people, a few guitars, no terrace but bay windows and bowls of candy.

27 rue Froidevaux
F-75014 Paris
+33 1 43 20 03 07

Here’s what they are SaYING

  • Poorly drawn. I was that good when I was four!

    Pablo Picasso
  • Cartoons with talking animals? … What do they take kids for, anyway? Idiots?

    Walt Disney
  • Ever since Bill started interning at N O R M AA L, we laugh a lot more at home!

    Hilarious ClinToon...
  • I dream of working with them, I get along well with toons!

    Tom Cruise
  • Flexible, fun, fast, and fearless…? Uh..You sure they’re French ?

    Usain Bolt
  • Not a single 3D bunny. That’s so unprofessional!

    Hugh Hefner
  • When you only have a double AA, you don’t make a fuss!

    Zie Economist
  • Everything’s homemade? But where do all the Chinese stay?!

    Professional producer
  • We love what we do!

  • ZZZzzzz